Open Data for
Open Government

This three year project will explore open data best practices, policy and delivery options in a rural setting.

Our primary focus is on regional and municipal governments in southeastern British Columbia.

From our Researchers

Water Data Hub Logo

The Water Data Hub Dialogue

On November 29th and 30th we'll be in Invermere at the Copper Point Resort to discus storage and access ...

Standardization Screws

Rural Open Data Standardization

An important yet often unrecognized aspect of open data is the standardization process.  It is easy to get excited about ...


Geothoughts on Geothink

We stand in the enormously fortunate and powerful position of determining exactly what smart cities will be. If they are ...

data pyramid

First impressions of an open data initiate

Open data for rural open government. Okay …

That’s an “everything is on the internet nowadays” concept, right? Simple enough ...